Industries Served

Quality Facility Services

DFS takes pride in delivering quality facility services to a diverse range of industries. We tailor that delivery to meet the specific needs, requirements, and standards of each sector. Explore the industries we serve:

Aviation Icon


Navigating the complexities of airport operations, DFS offers specialized services that cover everything from maintenance to safety. We’re committed to ensuring smooth daily operations and top-notch cleanliness to increase customer satisfaction ratings from the traveling public.

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Commercial Real Estate

Our facility services for commercial real estate prioritize value and appeal. From groundskeeping to janitorial, our services help commercial properties stand out and function seamlessly.

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Higher Education

In private educational facilities, cleanliness and order not only support an environment that is conducive to learning, but it ensures that your facilities make the best impression possible on prospective and current students.

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Industrial and Manufacturing

Robust and efficient, our facility services for the industrial and manufacturing sectors streamline operations. We handle everything from mechanical maintenance to waste management.

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DFS ensures the smooth operation of transportation hubs, focusing on safety, cleanliness, and efficiency. We’re here to keep things moving, whether at a train station or a bus terminal.

No matter if your industry is listed above, or you have unique facility service requirements, we can tailor our approach to align with your specific needs.

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