Our Mission

Building Connections, One Facility at a Time

We are in the business of keeping buildings clean and systems running smoothly, but we also focus on connecting people and strengthening our neighborhoods through opportunity.

Certified NMSDC MBE 2023

As a proud Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), we’re making real change by hiring locally, supporting underserved communities, and offering services that go beyond the expected.

For us, every sparkling window and humming HVAC system represents a commitment to quality, a happy client, and a step toward a more united community. By aligning our services with community needs and environmental stewardship, we not only meet the demands of Facility Directors and Managers but also contribute to building a brighter, stronger future for all.

Going Above and Beyond

Our mission goes beyond providing industry-leading facility services. Dedicated to empowering the communities we serve by creating opportunities, fostering innovation, and driving inclusive growth.

Ready to Transform Your Facility?

Take the next step with DFS and experience another level of facility services rooted in community values.