Partnering with Flagship

A Collaboration of Excellence and Expertise

Our collaboration with Flagship Facility Services isn’t just about joining forces; it’s about blending decades of industry expertise with a dedicated local presence.

Flagship Facility Services

Diversified Facility Solutions, LLC, dba DFS, and Flagship Facility Services, Inc. collaborate to create a Powerful Partnership.

DFS is excited to announce a dynamic partnership with Flagship Facility Services as we approach 2024. This collaboration broadens DFS’s service offerings and immerses both companies in a culture committed to diversity, inclusion, equity, exceptional service, and continuous improvement.

Flagship brings industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and proven facility management methodologies, enhancing DFS’s capabilities to meet diverse customer needs. Their excellent reputation in sectors like Aviation, Biotech, and Education aligns seamlessly with our dedication to quality.

Emmett Drane, President / CEO of DFS, stated, “Teaming up with Flagship Facility Services signifies a new chapter for DFS, elevating our capabilities and establishing us as a trusted, certified minority-owned facility service provider. Since 2006, DFS has delivered unparalleled quality and tailored solutions for our private, corporate, and government clients.”

Our expanded service portfolio now includes:

  • Facilities Maintenance: Tailored solutions for efficient and sustainable facility management.
  • Project Management: Strategic planning, execution, and oversight of major construction and renovation projects.
  • Janitorial Services: Comprehensive cleaning services covering window washing, dusting, floor care, and restroom cleaning.
  • Special Services: Facility offerings, including landscaping, groundskeeping, mailroom management, and culinary services.

We are committed to providing scalable facility services, ensuring enhanced quality assurance and reliable customer support.

For more information about Flagship Facility Services, please visit:

Janitor Expert Window Cleaner

Expertise and Experience

Flagship offers DFS an extensive knowledge base, cutting-edge technology, and tried-and-true methodologies. Their reputation for excellence in areas such as aviation, Biotech, education, and commercial sectors resonates with our commitment to quality. By aligning with Flagship, we not only extend our service offering but we also inherit a culture of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


Breadth of Facility Services

Our partnership empowers us to offer a suite of facility services that covers everything from facilities maintenance to specialized cleaning and support services. With Flagship’s backing, our expanded services include:

  • Facilities Maintenance: Customized solutions to manage and maintain properties efficiently and sustainably
  • Janitorial Services: A clean, safe, and healthy environment for your employees and occupants, maintained through rigorous standards and innovative techniques
  • Technical and Engineering Services: Advanced technology and professional expertise for flawless execution
  • Support Services: Tailored services ranging from mailroom operations to landscaping, each aligned with your unique needs
Flagship Intuition

Added Value

This partnership with Flagship does more than extend our service portfolio; it aligns DFS with a leader known for innovation, quality, and integrity. Here’s how our collaboration benefits Property Managers, Property Owners, Facility Directors and Facility Managers:

  • Quality Assurance: Adherence to the highest standards of quality and industry best practices
  • Flexible Solutions: Tailored facility services that fit your specific needs and industry requirements
  • Sustainable Practices: Commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainability in every service we offer
  • Trusted Reliability: A partnership built on trust, consistent performance, and a customer-centric approach

“Joining hands with Flagship Facility Services marks a new horizon for DFS, enhancing our capabilities and solidifying our position as a trusted, minority-certified facility service provider. By tapping into Flagship’s extensive expertise and broad service offerings, DFS delivers unmatched quality and customized solutions that you can rely on.”

Emmet Drane, President

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