Our mission is to provide value-added facility solutions for public, private and government organizations.

DFS has provided unmatched service and delivery and working with them has been a pleasure and great partnership.  Their extensive experience in every aspect of the construction process from project conception through completion delivers a multi-disciplined blend of services

to their clients.

Sonya Dukes, Wells Fargo

Senior Vice President

Supplier Diversity Director

Diversified Facility Solutions, LLC Projects


US Bank

General Scope of Project:

DFS was awarded the contract to provide complete renovation of the executive level of the US Bank regional office in the central business district of Cincinnati, OH. The project was broken into 3 phases since it was occupied at the time of construction. We also coordinated the use of pre-fabricated wall system for private offices and for other rooms so that future installers can be Completed without major general construction. During the process of construction the bank decide to renovate the existing restrooms in the core of the building. This included reconfiguration and all new fixtures, accessories, finishes, plumbing, mechanical and lighting. DFS also provided value engineering to the bank in an effort to maintain budget for them.


US Bank

General Scope of Project:

This project was completed within an existing retail shopping center. It included the demolition of the existing eyear interiors and construction of a new branch bank facility. All new electrical and mechanical systems were installed to upgrade the facility to current standards. A new roof-top unit was placed on the roof where an existing, older unit existed. Unforeseen conditions required quick decisions to keep the schedule on track. But the project was completed on time and on budget.


Full Containment Facility, Lab 104

General Scope of Project:

Lab 104 of the Full Containment Facility (FCF) was in need of renovations to accommodate the needs of researchers. The current countertop and sink assembly was not set up for the research and storage needs in this lab. The lab hood was also upgraded to a more efficient unit that the program will purchase new. The lab bench along the west wail was totally removed and new cabinet and utility configurations were included.

The client selected DFS to provide additional services:

  1. The safety cabinet and chemical fume hood was supplied and installed by DFS. This included the reconfiguration of the exhaust and make-up air system in the lab.
  2. DFS contracted with a testing agency to certify the proper performance of the hood configuration. This included ail the controls and settings.
  3. A new epoxy flooring (polymer floor systems) was installed over the existing flooring material so it was consistent between lab rooms.


Edgewood City Schools - MOB

General Scope of Project:

DFS has an on-going relationship with Turnbull-Wahlert Construction. This relationship allows DFS to provide trade services ~ in this case structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication and erection. DFS oversaw the detailing, fabrication and coordinated with an erector to complete the work on time and budget.


Department of Energy - EMCBC

General Scope of Project:

The Department of Energy (DOE), Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center (EMCBC) pains to renovate three floor for a total of approximately 66,773 square feet of current leased office space at 250 E. 5th St. Cincinnati, OH. This would require working in an occupied space. EMCBC requested the renovations be separated into 8 phases. DPS proposed this work to be performed over a period of time as space became available, it required independent permits for each phase rather than one blanket permit - in the event the project was suspended during the phase sequencing. DPS worked in conjunction with the architect to develop permit drawing and arranged the workload to be handled by a single DPS crew that would self-perform all the general trades and sub-contract only the mechanical and electrical trades. These were handled as a design/build contract. This allowed for maximum control of the schedule since the area was occupied as we did the work. Currently, only Phase One has been completed.

Point of Contact for Reference: Matthew Carpenter, U.S. Department of Energy, EMCBC, (513)744-0974,e-mail: matthew.carpenter@emcbc.doe.gov

Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center (EMCBC)


U.S. Department of Agriculture

General Scope of Project:

DFS stripped the entire roofing material down to the original roof subsurface. Then we installed new underlayment, ice shield, and shingles.


Metropolitan Sewer District of Cincinnati

General Scope of Project:

The Metropolitan Sewer District for Cincinnati is working on a major overhaul of the storm water system for the City of Cincinnati. Part of this work is the daylighting of an existing stream and creating a revitalized wetland and storm water detention area, it

requires the demolition of many buildings in the region where this wetland is being installed. The existing stream is currently in a very large, old brick sewer line that runs directly behind many of these buildings. DFS was selected to remove 7 of these buildings in varying size while preserving the existing storm sewer. No heavy equipment of vehicle

traffic was permitted anywhere near his underground culvert. DFS provided on-site supervision and demolition services. Ali material including the foundation and basement slabs had to be completely removed. The site was backfilled with clean fill, compacted properly and then finish graded to allow for proper drainage. Finally, it was cleaned and seeded for redevelopment at a later time. We encountered some underground tanks that turned out to contain hydraulic fluids. There were properly contained and removed from the site.



General Scope of Project:

DFS has an on-going contract with Cresa-Cincinnati, a tenant representation firm, to provide project management services. We worked in conjunction with the Cresa-Minneapolis office to provide on-site inspections and coordination of sub-contractors to

complete the relocation of a 40,000 square foot distribution facility in an existing flex-building warehouse. The scope of work included the installation of a new loading dock, with pirate leveler, through existing tilt-up concrete construction, renovation of the existing offices, and the installation of an explosion-proof room for storage of solvents.

Since there was a change in the storage classification, upgrades to the sprinkler system were also made. We added a small power generator to provide backup power to some of the equipment and the exhaust fans in the solvent storage room. Also included in the work was managing the installation of high racks, and a mezzanine storage system along with the conveyor systems for packaging. The owner purchased the racking systems directly and had it shipped from Germany. Once arrived, it was installed by a local contractor. This required significant coordination since the drawings had to be reviewed and approved by the building department and they were delivered by the fabricator in German and metric.


St. Clare Church Undercroft Renovation

General Scope of Project:

DFS was selected as a Construction Manager at Risk. This is the first time the Archdiocese utilized this method of delivery. It was meant to maintain the overall budget with a sliding scope of work. The variable being the amount the fund drive could generate. We completely renovated the undercroft of the church with new classrooms, a community space, lounge, and a large conference room. The mechanical system in the main church was redesigned and new, updated equipment installed so that there was better efficiency and much less machine noise, the antiquated sound system in the main church was redesigned and updated, concealing all wiring and upgrading the mixer board, new amplifier, with a new amplifier and speakers throughout the space. Since the costs were considerably less using this new method, the parish has authorized the renovation of the main floor restroom to make it compliant with the ADA. Additionally, they have decided to complete the commercial kitchen installation in the parish center that was begun ten years ago. Ail of this work, including the purchase of the kitchen equipment, is still within the original budget submitted at the beginning of the planning process. This is in spite of the discovery of the several unforeseen conditions which were uncovered during the process. This included asbestos material in the flooring of the stairs and several leaks and cracks in the undercroft walls.


DC Test Cell - Drywall Turnbull Wallert Construction

General Scope of Project:

The project was a design/build project that doubled the size of an existing building used for a smallest engine testing. The actual labs were such that components could be Independently tested for compliance on a small jet engine. DFS provided labor and material to complete the project in an accelerated schedule. DFS offered suggesting on means and methods to reduce the time while continuing to achieve the same quality on the project. This became critical since the weather created a long delay at the beginning of the project.